Buero New York

Sirocco Case Study

Corporate Identity

The symbol of a child carrying a cup over his head was inspired by the company leader and visionary, Ralph Gruniger. His approach to making organic coffee is pure and simple yet requires immense knowledge and experience that has been passed down through four generations. The Sirocco symbol therefore became a representation of the brand and central motif in our designs.

Brand Identity

Buero New York redesigned the corporate identity for Sirocco Kaffee, a Swiss coffee company and family business steeped in tradition. We created a strong identity for the specialty coffee brand through a design concept rooted in art nouveau, an influence we found in original Sirocco packaging from the turn of the century.

Tea Packaging

For the tea bags and tins, we took inspiration from natural forms: a matte, pastel color palette featuring organic lines and shapes, embellished with custom lettering designed by Buero New York. We also developed distinctive name concepts for the tea flavors, such as Purple Breeze (Darjeeling), Piz Palü (Herbal), Red Kiss (Fruit Tea), Ceylon Sunrise (English Breakfast Tea), and Gentle Blue (Earl Grey).

Coffee Packaging

Drawing on Sirocco’s rich history, we modernized original antique packaging to re-invigorate the brand’s identity. In contrast to the tea packages, the coffee bags and tins come in bright, glossy color palettes and feature bold, geometric patterns of overlapping shapes and lines, a unique and unexpected design in the specialty coffee market.

Coffee and Espresso Cups

To promote the brand in restaurants and cafés, Buero New York designed cups and saucers of the highest quality out of porcelain made in Italy. We designed a functional form that would not easily break; a beautiful and recognizable way to serve Sirocco coffee and espresso drinks.

Chocolate Packaging

To package Sirocco’s rich chocolate squares, we created a smaller version of the art nouveau design concept: overlapping shapes and lines in gold on the brand’s signature orange color. As the final touch, we included a matching ribbon, dotted with the gold logo and symbol.