Buero New York

Oribe Packaging

Visual Identity

We created a unique and sophisticated visual identity system for Oribe, one of fashion's most influential and sought-after hair stylists. The goal of the design was to achieve a fusion of heritage and modernity, the essence of the Oribe brand. In order to create a very exclusive and high-end appeal, our approach had to be unique to the product category.

Product design

Designed with the look and feel of faceted crystal, the Oribe products reveal a sophistication rarely found in hair care. Reminiscent of perfume bottles, the narrow necks, upright tubes and elegant jars convey a sense of old-world refinement, while uniquely faceted sides and striking color bring a distinctly modern feel.

Corporate Identity

To keep an artisanal feel, we developed the emblem to resemble a hand-crafted cameo that could be raised and used in 3-D as part of the product and packaging. Our inspiration came from an old German quote that says, "Hair is the richest ornament of a woman." The result: a skillfully executed timelessness with a subtle nod to the rock and roll style of the man himself.

Packaging Design

The signature styling products set the tone of the brand with a striking black facade, complemented by five other product categories in elegant jewel tones. As part of the identity system, each tone communicates a specific need. Bottles are packaged in a deceptively simple yet luxe box, featuring hidden functional elements such as a small tab meant to hold the product in place.


As success of the brand grew and the product line naturally evolved, Buero New York pushed the product and packaging into a fresh new direction. We utilized special techniques to create the illusion of a metallic texture simulating hair which could be applied to multiple products in different designs and color combinations. The design strategy communicates the functionality of the product line as a whole, while each variation speaks to a specific need, for instance the Apres Beach for sexy, tousled beach hair.


For the product catalog, Buero New York took photographic direction from Oribe's own editorial work featuring strong women with strong personalities, often styled in polished 30's and 40's hollywood glamour. Additional design elements were created by hand in our studio, giving the catalog an undeniably editorial feel.


To promote the established heritage of the brand, we utilized the website to follow Oribe's own long and successful career as a celebrity stylist, most notably to Jennifer Lopez. The website included a history of the stylist and timeline.


To present Oribe's products in salons worldwide, we designed a multifunctional modular shop-in-shop concept in the style of art deco, simplified into only four unique pieces: a glass shelf, polished brass frame, black lacquer wood box and wood frame. The forms could be assembled in multiple ways to fit space constraints of any salon while presenting one uniform brand aesthetic.