Buero New York

Adam Kimmel Case Study

Brand Identity

When we began our work with Adam Kimmel, the idea was to make the fashion brand accessible for real people. To market this in a way that reflected Kimmel’s own background and interests, we created a young artist concept curated by Neville Wakefield. The concept grew organically, and many of those featured became friends and collaborators.


For Adam Kimmel’s lookbooks, each season brought a new and eclectic group of protagonists from the bohemian, literary, and artistic fringe. Leo Fitzpatrick, Ryan McGinely, Rita Ackermann, Slater Bradley, David Blaine, George Herms, and Dennis Hopper, among others were photographed by Kimmel’s own brother and long-time collaborator, Alexei Hay.

Corporate Identity

Buero New York designed Adam Kimmel’s corporate identity to maintain a utilitarian feel while still provoking interest. The brand’s star symbol resulted from the merging of the letters A and K, and also represents good luck in japanese.

Hangtags and Labels

As part of the product branding, we designed the symbol and logo to integrate with the garments via hangtags and labels.

The Kimmel Cowboy by Jim Krantz

Inspired by Richard Prince and the iconic “Marlboro Man,” models of Adam Kimmel’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection were styled as cowboys and photographed by Jim Kranz, the original photographer of the Marlboro ads. Buero New York created a limited edition boxed set of prints entitled “The Kimmel Cowboy,” which were exhibited and sold at Colette in Paris.

George Condo Casino

In collaboration with artist George Condo, Adam Kimmel hosted a live casino for his Fall/Winter 2010 collection presentation. Models wore prosthetic masks created by the artist while guests were invited to view and even participate in the performance. Buero New York designed the season’s lookbooks featuring the masks and an icon to mark the artist and designer’s much lauded collaboration.